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ACM Global Scientific Affairs – Offering Customized Central Lab Services and Strategic Counsel in Support of Successful Clinical Trial Outcomes

As a central laboratory whose goal is to provide the optimal testing and clinical lab services to meet the requirements of your protocols and ensure successful clinical trial outcomes, ACM Global Laboratories has assembled an expert team of scientific and medical specialists who work as your partner to understand and address the specific needs of your trial from the very beginning.

Early Counsel on Clinical Lab Services

Starting at the initial request for proposal, our Scientific Affairs (SA) team begins assessing your trial protocol to determine the best path forward in delivering the clinical endpoints and associated test menu that optimize the desired outcomes for the trial. As part of ACM Global’s Consultative Approach, the SA team works with you to determine the appropriate test mix, and offers informed recommendations to streamline the trial management processes, optimize specimen management, and propose Smarter Testing strategies that perfectly meet your clinical trial outcomes.

By including our clinical laboratory experts in these discussions as early as possible in the trial design and development process, we are able to gain a full understanding of the clinical protocol and can offer customized recommendations on the central lab services needed to ensure successful clinical trial outcomes. This early consultation also prevents potential issues from occurring after the study starts, helping to reduce costs and subject enrollment delays.

In-Depth Consultation to Support Successful Clinical Trial Outcomes

Upon selection of ACM as your global central lab provider, our SA team thoroughly reviews the proposal again to ensure optimal test and service menus, and translates the information into a Global Laboratory Specification Document, which is used to capture and track all study requirements, goals, processes and expected outcomes from study initiation through database lock. Once the study kicks off, our SA team works closely with the dedicated Project Management team to offer oversight of the most efficient and secure means of sample handling, transport and testing. The team is available to answer any questions or provide additional in-depth scientific consultation and interpretation as needed throughout the course of the study.

The SA team also works closely with the ACM Global Laboratories' analytical staff to determine the means for addressing turnaround time (TAT) requirements, the harmonization of results globally, and if needed, problem resolution.

In-House Microbiology, Flow Cytometry & Anatomic Pathology Expertise

ACM Global offers a full range of microbiology services, as well as cutting-edge flow cytometry capabilities and general and subspecialty services in both anatomic pathology and cytopathology. All testing is performed on site in our state-of-the-art clinical laboratory facilities by our experienced scientific team, led by vice president of Laboratory Medical Affairs, a clinical and anatomic pathologist. This full-time, in-house staff of professional scientists and clinical laboratory experts are available to offer expert advice about study design and test selection, assist in designing analytical protocols and customize standard microbiological techniques to meet the individual needs of your clinical trial.

With a 40-year focus on diagnostic laboratory science and an expert understanding of the logistical challenges associated with managing high volumes of specimens for global studies, you can count on ACM Global Laboratories to work as your extended central laboratory partner, providing you with the expertise and guidance needed to execute Smarter Testing strategies and produce the clinical trial outcomes you desire.
Experience how our Scientific Affairs team can optimize your clinical trial outcomes.
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