Data Management

ACM Global Laboratories' Data Management Team has a proud record of delivering clean, consistent, correctly formatted laboratory data on time! We take ownership and accountability in ensuring laboratory data is transferred using fully tested and validated systems and procedures. A wide range of Data Management Reports are available on request to meet each client’s specific requirements.

Laboratory Data is available in a wide variety of formats:
SAS dataset
ASCII (delim, fixed width) datafiles
CDISC format
Client specified format

A full range of data transfer options are available:

Upload directly into eCRF’s
FTP onto sponsor databases/server
Couriered CD
Secure email attachment files (using for example PGP encryption)
Let our Data Management team deliver clean, consistent, correctly formatted laboratory data on time for your next trial!
Call us at +1-866-405-0400 or send a contact request online to see how we can address your clinical trials testing needs.

email us at: info@acmgloballab.com
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