ACM Global Laboratories' SAF-FreezeSM

ACM Global SAF-FreezeSM is our specimen management service. Providing short and long-term storage for your irreplaceable frozen specimens, it secures, protects and tracks specimens by type, date, location and other critical protocol-specific elements. ACM Global SAF-FreezeSM provides a unique inventory and monitoring system ensuring you that we know where your specimens are and what their condition is at all times. Our people, processes, SOPs and safety systems on our freezers further assure you that there will be no thaw and refreeze of your specimens while in our care. Samples may be stored for a variety of reasons, including the following:
  • Analysis of pharmacokinetic samples
  • Additional testing of analytes not included in the original study
  • Analysis of specimens using new testing technology
  • Analysis of genetic samples

At each of our facilities, ACM offers a storage solution at -200C, -800C, or liquid nitrogen storage. Ambient and refrigerated specimen storage is also available. All our storage freezers are located in custom built locations, with capacity for up to 750,000 specimens.

Each freezer is connected to a staffed alarm call center, which monitors the freezers 24/7 for variations in temperature and power supply. Full back-up plans are in place, and all freezers are routinely calibrated.

A comprehensive range of SOPs are in place for the collection of samples for storage from clinical trial sites. All samples are logged onto a central sample management system.

Using state of the art software to log and track specimens, ACM provides a window on all critical data:

The types of specimens stored
The condition under which specimens are stored

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