Consultative Approach

Hands-On Consultation for Your Clinical Research Studies

At ACM Global Laboratories, we develop long-standing client and partner relationships by providing more than just clinical trials testing. At the core of our unsurpassed service is our Consultative Approach to study design and execution, which gives you the confidence to make informed decisions and ensures the key objectives of the study are met.

From the onset, we work as an extension of your team to understand the specific testing requirements, dynamics, and intricacies of your study. In doing so, we’re able to help better plan the optimal study and test menu design, anticipate your needs and respond quickly to your requests. This approach provides complete transparency throughout the process, so you are assured of the relevance, accuracy and timeliness of your testing data.

As one of our Customer Commitments applied to every step throughout the course of a study, our Scientific Affairs, Logistics and Project Management teams are there to offer hands-on consultation on everything from test selection and results interpretation to sample handling and transport, leading to Smarter Testing and analysis.

Our hands-on consultation leads to lasting relationships built on mutual respect and trust that continue beyond a single study. In fact, 75% of the new studies we’re awarded are with clients we’ve worked with in the past two years. That’s because when you choose ACM Global as your central lab, you’re choosing a long-term partner who shares your goal of achieving successful study outcomes as much as you do.
Experience how our Consultative Approach can optimize your next clinical trial.
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