The success of any central lab revolves around the management of logistics thereby ensuring specimen integrity.  At ACM Global Laboratories, we take complete ownership of all logistical processes. Through our dedicated logistics personnel in the US and UK, the courier engagement process is based upon the specificities of our clients’ studies.  From kit creation to kits on-site and from specimen draw to specimen receipt and analysis, ACM is there.

At ACM, we have negotiated preferred courier rates across the globe.  Through our Customer Commitment, Be Flexible and Be Smart, we continually evaluate our courier services and strive to identify efficiencies and associated cost savings which we can pass along to our clients. In addition, we maintain localized manufacturing, warehousing and distribution relationships worldwide.  This allows us to minimize costs and time associated with long haul transportation of study support materials.

At ACM, we have managed over 2,300 studies with 7,000 sites across 65 countries.  We understand that the knowledge of county-specific customs and licensing regulations is paramount.  With ACM, you can have absolute confidence that your study stays on track.

All kits are custom designed to comply fully with the appropriate regulations governing the transportation of biological samples.  Our environmentally friendly solution for lab kits, KitKaddy, provides space savings, ease of use and standardization of collection across sites and countries. 

As we receive samples, we ensure proper process to maintain sample integrity. Frozen samples are shipped on dry ice, using dedicated courier services. All necessary dry ice and packaging materials are provided to the investigator sites, and full shipment tracking is in place.  As an alternative to dry ice shipping, we also offer an innovative dry vapor liquid nitrogen shipping solution that has been specifically designed for the clinical trials supply chain.

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