Analytical Capabilities

Broad In-House Analytical Capabilities Provide the Foundation of ACM Global Laboratories' Services

Offering analytical capabilities and central laboratory services across a wide array of diagnostic disciplines, including chemistry, hematology, flow cytometry, microbiology, and more, ACM Global’s laboratory facilities are  equipped with the latest technology to ensure that we deliver precise, accurate analysis for your clinical research studies in a time-efficient manner. 

Flow Cytometry, Microbiology Expertise All Under One Roof

When it comes to providing the full range of central laboratory services, ACM Global delivers on all fronts to support your clinical research studies. With expertise in flow cytometry, microbiology and an in-house staff that includes six board-certified pathologists, a director of microbiology and several flow cytometry specialists, we can assist in designing analytical protocols and devising customized specialty tests to meet the specific needs of your clinical research study and deliver the best possible outcomes.

Our comprehensive test menu features more than 1,700 individual tests spanning all diagnostic disciplines, including: 

Flow Cytometry
Clinical chemistry
Allergy testing
Serology / Virology

Our team of experts is available to discuss any testing requirements you may have and we encourage client visits to our facilities.

Purpose-built for Clinical Research Studies

Everything from our expert staff and facilities to our instrumentation and equipment has been purpose-built to optimize our laboratory processes in support of your clinical research studies. In fact, more than 93% of requested testing is performed in-house in one of our state-of-the-art clinical laboratory facilities under the medical directorship of Dr. Robert Carlson, MD, a clinical and anatomic pathologist with more than 40 years of laboratory science experience. He and his team are adept at applying new assays, including specialized flow cytometry panels, in a timely fashion to meet clinical research study requirements.

Smarter Testing by Design

The strength of our analytical capabilities lies in the way we approach testing for clinical research studies. Our approach involves continually looking for innovative and cost-effective testing methods to optimize your clinical research studies, including recommending alternative testing strategies for a particular protocol or developing a customized menu of specialty tests when appropriate.

Not only do we design our laboratory facilities and processes to provide greater efficiencies, but we also involve our analytical experts early in the process so they fully understand the intricacies of your clinical research study and can therefore make informed recommendations about which tests and central laboratory services to include.  At the same time, our analytical experts may provide input as to any strategies that can help streamline the project timeline or minimize the volume of specimens required. In addition, our extensive in-house test menu allows us to offer further operational and financial efficiencies. This is what we call Smarter Testing.
Experience how our flow cytometry and other central laboratory services can optimize your clinical research studies.
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