Flow Cytometry

ACM Global Laboratories offers cutting edge flow cytometry capabilities from our state-of-the-art facilities.  Our team of specialists assist in designing analytical protocols for even the most demanding of requirements, with experience in areas such as: 

Haematological malignancies 
Cell signalling
Cell viability and live-dead discrimination
Rare event analysis
Multiplexed bead arrays
We also offer technology transfer protocols developed by research scientists for a variety of sponsors. We employ oversight to ensure the protocol is compliant with regulatory guidelines that govern clinical work.

Our facilities feature the Beckman Coulter Navios clinical flow cytometry system. The Navios is a fast and accurate, digital system which includes three spatially separated, solid state diode lasers and a twelve-detector system, allowing the simultaneous detection of up to ten colors in addition to forward and side scatter and the acquisition of powerful and precise data.

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