Microbiology & Molecular Diagnostics

We offer a full range of Microbiology services including Bacteriology, Antimicrobial Susceptibility, Virology, Mycology, Parasitology and Mycobacteriology. Coupled with our state of the art Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, our team is able to develop and design solutions for virtually any clinical trial involving infectious diseases. 

We are committed to helping design and tailor standard microbiological techniques to meet the needs of individual clinical trials. All Microbiology testing is performed on-site. Clinical trials have been performed or are ongoing in the following areas:

Molecular Diagnostics
Nucleic acid extractions, real-time PCR, multiplex PCR, viral load assays, genotyping

Clinical Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Mycobacteriology and Parasitology
Using an effective mix of traditional and automated methods

Quantitative Microbiology
Using classical dilution and molecular methods

ACM’s Microbiology Laboratory is a fully accredited laboratory under CLIA, CAP and New York State. The laboratory is staffed by fully certified Medical Technologists and Technicians under the direction of Dr. Suzanne E. Dale. Dr. Dale has significant molecular development experience and is certified as a Diplomate in Medical and Public Health Microbiology by the American Board of Medical Microbiology. 

A standardized approach to electronic reporting of results has been developed for microbiology to streamline the data management component and expedite output of results.

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