Interview and Selection Process

The following information is being provided to assist you in understanding our recruitment and selection process and to let you know what to expect.

Receipt of your cover letter and resume:

When you apply for one of our jobs online, you will receive electronic verification of application completion, indicating that your application has been submitted.

All applications are kept active for a twelve (12) month period from date of application receipt.

Being contacted for an interview:

Qualified candidates’ resumes are reviewed by department managers and Human Resources. Candidates selected for interviews will be contacted directly and scheduled for interviews.

During the interview process, you will be asked questions regarding your previous work experience, skill levels, educational background and, if applicable, your clinical experience. In addition, you will be asked questions which provide an opportunity for you to describe your actual performance in certain work situations.

The Selection Process:

After candidates have been interviewed for the position, the department managers and Human Resources will discuss the candidates and will decide on which candidate to present with a formal, written offer of employment.

All employment offers are contingent upon meeting satisfactory background checks. These include pre-employment reference checks and criminal background verification. For certain positions, Motor Vehicle and/or credit rating verification may be initiated, if the positions require driving on company time or being responsible for corporate credit cards.

In addition, all positions require pre-employment drug screen collections and pre-employment physicals provided by our Employee Health Services.  Physicals may require immunizations and/or laboratory testing procedures.

General Dress Code Policy Guidelines:

The image and professional environment of ACM Global Laboratories is reflected and enhanced by the appearance, conduct and attitude of our employees. We expect all applicants and employees to take pride in their appearance and present themselves in a manner that shows respect for the dignity of others and ensures professionalism and safety. We also require impeccable personal hygiene and grooming. Business casual or professional attire is preferable when interviewing with us. Footwear must be safe and appropriate. If you will be interviewing for a position in one of our clinical areas, you will be required to wear footwear that enclose your feet entirely.

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