ACM Global Central Lab Demonstrates Operational and Quality Expertise at a Series of Industry Events

Executive Director, Global Operations and Director, Global Quality Assurance Present at Esteemed Outsourcing and Training Events

Rochester, NY, Sep. 28, 2010 – ACM Global Central Laboratory, the global central lab that continually defines the customer-service standard with its flexible approach, will be showcasing its operational and quality expertise at a series of industry events this fall. Tracy Hendershott, Executive Director Global Operations will be speaking at the 2nd annual Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Northeast conference September 29-30, where ACM Global Central Lab will be silver sponsors of the event. Then on October 4, Lorrie Divers, Director of Global Quality Assurance, will be presenting at the 2nd annual Clinical Training Forum in Philadelphia sponsored by Barnett International and Cambridge Healthcare Institute.

Hendershott will be speaking on Day 2 at 11.55am of the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Northeast conference. His presentation is entitled ‘Securing an optimized level of expertise and efficiency throughout your clinical trial to ensure the success of your trial’ and will discuss a number of techniques and processes including; considering the level of expertise required for a specific program when recruiting your in-house team, assessing the expertise of both teams involved in your clinical trial, defining a clear governance structure to map out the responsibilities of each team and implementing incentives that promote the long-term dedication to the trial of both teams involved.

“I am looking forward to both presenting and attending this event” said Hendershott, who has over 20 years of clinical trial experience and oversees the strategy, standardization and integration of ACM Global Central Lab’s operations in the US, UK and India and with partner labs. ”It is going to be a wonderful opportunity to share best practices with our industry peers, as well as attend the multitude of quality presentations proposed for the conference.”

Then Lorrie Divers, who spoke earlier in the year at Roswell Park’s Cancer Institute’s Education Day, will be speaking at the Clinical Training Forum, billed as the premier event for Clinical Training Professionals. Divers will be speaking on Day 1 at 9.15am, in the ‘Regulatory environment considerations for training” section of the forum. Her presentation is entitled ‘Proactive training to avoid non-compliance: lessons from FDA inspections” and focuses on the importance of ensuring training is an on-going effort, not just a one-time event.

“I am very honored to have been selected to speak at this prestigious event and look forward to presenting to a receptive audience” said Divers. “My aim is to show that by applying Quality System principles and proactively addressing issues as early as possible in the course of a clinical trial, focused training and reference tools can effectively prevent regulatory authority inspection observations.”

ACM Global will also be attending a number of industry events across the globe this fall, including European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress, Milan, Italy; 5th Annual Drug Discovery and Clinical Development, Bangalore, India and MAGI’s Clinical Research Conference West, CA. If you would like to meet ACM Global at any of these shows please click here.

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