New Life Sciences Webinar Explores Endpoint-Based Protocol Development from a Central Laboratory Perspective, Hosted by Xtalks

Xtalks presents “Endpoint Based Protocol Development: A Central Laboratory Perspective + Microbiology Case Study,” an exciting live webinar on Wednesday June 12, 2013 at 1:00pm EDT. Experts from ACM Global Lab explain best practices for ensuring rigorous and relevant laboratory testing

Toronto, June 5, 2013 – The ability to ensure that relevant and accurate laboratory testing is performed is the basic expectation of any central laboratory. In order to optimally employ the myriad of laboratory resources available to perform seemingly identical tests, a rigorous scientific review is essential to clinical trial protocol design.

An important step in protocol development is a thorough review by experienced personnel versed in the scientific, technical and operational aspects of indication-specific laboratory testing. Additional considerations include the level of experience the laboratory has with performing testing for specific indications; how the laboratory’s current test menu aligns with the protocol requirements and the willingness of the laboratory to tailor innovative solutions to meet unique endpoints.

Attendees of this webinar will acquire a solid understanding of:

• Best practices for conducting a rigorous scientific review to ensure appropriate testing is utilized during the development of a protocol.

• How indication-specific quality metrics can provide assurance that test menu and corresponding results will stand up to regulatory scrutiny.

• How a microbiology team implemented specialty techniques to ensure the appropriate tests and analysis met the needs of the clinical trial. A case study example highlights operational procedures for specimen collection, handling and shipping to maintain sample and ultimately test result integrity.

This webinar is part of ACM Global’s “Navigating Global Clinical Trials with your Central Lab” series of informative and interactive events.

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