Our Scientific Team

Medical Team

Robert Carlson, MD
Vice President of Laboratory Medical Affairs

Suzanne Dale, PhD, D(ABMM)
Director, Microbiology and Molecular Testing


Pathology Team

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Karen Clary, MD
Stewart Cramer, MD
Amber Petrolla El-Halaby, MD
Enzo Fallone, MD
Justin Fender, MD
William Fricke, MD
Fadi Hatem, MD
Joseph Hatem, MD
Brooke Henniger, MD
Scott LaPoint, MD
Solomon Lee, DO
Dating Liu, MD, PhD
Amanda Martin, MD
Xiaolan Ou, MD
Dawn Riedy, MD
Ghousia Rizvi, MD
Joel Shapiro, MD
Lucy Sheils, MD
Denisa Slova, MD
Matthew Turner, MD
Roberto Vargas, MD
Juliann Nagle Warner, MD
Jiqing Ye, MD, PhD

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