SAMHSA-Certified Lab for Drugs of Abuse Testing and Drug Testing in the Workplace

Since 1975, ACM Global Laboratories has been providing the full realm of drug testing services, including drugs of abuse testing for drug and alcohol treatment centers, and drug testing in the workplace solutions for both Department of Transportation (DOT) and non-DOT employment. Offering one of the most comprehensive drug testing menus, highest quality assurance, and most responsive and flexible client services group in the drug testing industry, ACM is one of only 35 laboratories in the country that is certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the only SAMHSA-certified laboratory in the state of New York.

Our drug testing lab is staffed with knowledgeable and dedicated Client Service specialists looking for ways to consistently meet your goals—whether for substance abuse treatment or a drug-free workplace program. Trained to understand and respond to your needs, they routinely reach out to ensure the ACM team is meeting your expectations at all times.

Drugs of Abuse Testing for Addiction Treatment

Whether you're a patient seeking treatment, a clinician offering a diagnosis or a drug counselor providing therapy, you'll experience unsurpassed service when you choose ACM for drugs of abuse testing.

Working with you from the onset to understand your unique requirements, we offer the latest drug screening panels to address the needs of behavioral health clinics, methadone and suboxone clinics, and addiction treatment facilities. Combining a hands-on, Consultative Approach with Smarter Testing strategies, ACM delivers fast, dependable service, a responsive and accessible staff, a test menu featuring more than 1,700 assays, and rigorous quality assurance standards that meet SAMHSA requirements.

Drug Testing in the Workplace for DOT and Non-DOT Employment

With pre-employment drug testing as part of a company’s hiring process or drug screening as part of an ongoing drug-free workplace program, ACM offers DOT and Non-DOT regulated drug testing solutions to meet your needs. As a SAMHSA-certified lab, we adhere to strict Chain of Custody procedures to ensure that sample identification and integrity are maintained from specimen collection throughout the testing process. All drug testing for employment is performed in our secure laboratory in Rochester, New York by our dedicated, full-time forensic toxicology staff, who treat every specimen as if it were to be introduced as evidence in a court of law.


ACM offers the full scope of drug testing services in a single lab to meet all of your drug testing needs, whether for drugs of abuse testing, drug testing in the workplace or both. Call us today at 1-800-525-5227 or send a request online to ask about our flexibility in creating customized drug panels to meet your toxicology needs.

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