Screening Tests for Women's Health

We Are There, No Matter What Stage of Life

ACM Global Laboratories offers a broad range of laboratory testing services to support gynecological health throughout all stages of a woman's life. These tests include cervical cancer screening/HPV testing, screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including herpes testing, and obstetrics, as well as the full gamut of prenatal testing, prenatal genetic testing, microbiology, and more.

Screening tests available include:

Cytomegalovirus, IgG
Toxoplasmosis, IgG
Rubella, IgG
Chlamydia/GC amplified
Chlamydia amplified
Vaginosis screen (BD Affirm)
HSV Culture (with typing)
Group B Streptococcus PCR
Group B Streptococcus PCR with reflex
ThinPrep® Pap w/reflex to HPV
ThinPrep® Pap HPV Co-test
High Risk HPV
HSV 1&2 Screen
Syphilis serology
HIV 1&2 AB

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