Hands-on consultation from our experts

A medical laboratory is more than just performing tests and delivering results. It is also about being accessible to our clients. At the core of our unsurpassed service is our Consultative Approach to healthcare providers, meaning we are available around the clock to answer your questions and offer our expert advice.

From our field service specialists, who offer information on the most up-to-date tests and recent guideline changes, to our pathologists and microbiologists, who provide valuable, experienced-based insight into what methods and platforms work best, ACM Medical Laboratory takes a proactive approach in arming you with the information you need to aid healthcare decisions. By doing so, we're ultimately able to help the patient. After all, this is why we do what we do.

These are not just words on a page. This is how we choose to do business, each and every day. When you choose ACM Medical Laboratory as your diagnostic laboratory, you're choosing a caring, dedicated and trustworthy partner who shares your goal of helping patients.

Call us at +1-585-429-2290 or send a contact request online to see how we can address your diagnostic testing needs.